1. I’m currently workin’ on this cool VN project called Familiarity, and they just put out another blog post (with some of my arts and awesome drawings that some of the other artists did as well!!)!!

    They’re also planning to release a demo in the fall-ish, so please keep an eye/ear out for it! :Dd

    Read here!!

    (First 3 were drawn by LordFryingPan, next 2 were drawn by Urn, last 4 were by me.)

  2. 20:50

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    Gotta draw sum guyz. At least I’m drawing more hands!!

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  4. Might make stickers for LINE so that I can use it

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    Look at that random boob :O

    Look at that random boob :O

  6. 03:23 28th Jun 2014

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    Been working on commissions for a while, so decided to doodle these.

  7. 22:17 24th Jun 2014

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    Anonymous said: I don't have a deviantart, or else I'd tell you there, but I LOVE the Kiki drawing on your side account! It's really cute!

    (This is kinda late, but!) Aaaaah, thanks so much anon! :( I’m glad you love it, haha!!!

  8. Currently coding out an avatar site, and am almost done with the forum stuffs. Here’s a doodle/WIP of the base! ‘v’

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  10. mo’ dumps

  11. 23:02 26th May 2014

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    Anonymous said: are you a bird


  12. 15:08 8th May 2014

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    I’ll get back to working on tWH’s prologue after finishing most of my commissions and whatnot. Wait for me!!

  13. wowowooo sameface

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    Got bored last night after workin on stuffs, so.

    Got bored last night after workin on stuffs, so.